How to Choose Style on Instagram?

Instagram is no longer just a photo sharing site. Now it has become the most suitable platform to advertise yourself or your brand. But how you use this platform is very important. You should choose the method that best suits you, your brand and your target audience. If the page you will create has a personality, you can better manage your target audience and it will be easier to announce your brand or yourself. There are 3 styles you can choose to use for your Instagram page: Sincerity, Competence, Sophistication.

The number one option is to use your account as a personal blog. The key point here is sincerity. It means kindness, thoughtfulness, and an orientation toward family values. If you want to use your page as an influencer or if the brand you create is something that can reach your target audience in daily life, you should use this method when creating your profile. You should approach your followers as if they are your friends, talk to them in everyday language and create a friendly atmosphere. In this way, they will start to feel sympathy for you or your brand and the bond between you will become stronger.

 How to Choose Style on Instagram?

Another way is to share professionally in an area where you are an expert. The key point here is competence. This represents successful, accomplished, and influential, which is highlighted by leadership. You may need to be a professional to maintain the position of your brand or what you represent, and to market it in the best way possible. While doing this, your posts should be distant and serious. The message you want to convey should be clear and understandable, and it should not be a sincere situation as in the first option.

The last option is entirely up to you and your target audience. If you are addressing a niche audience that we would call luxury, this should be the method you will use. The important point here is sophistication. In other words, elegant, prestigious, and sometimes even pretentious. If you have a luxury brand or only produce content that will appeal to that audience, you have a small and limited audience. To keep their attention active, you have to act just like them. When they see themselves on your page, their interest in you will be higher.

Which method you choose is entirely up to you and your audience. First of all, you should decide how you want to use your page, create your target audience and analyze where their attention is concentrated. As a result of your analysis, you can choose the most suitable one from these three options mentioned above and enlarge your profile with that style.