Exact Plan to Hit 10K Followers from Zero

If I had to start an Instagram account from scratch, with absolutely zero followers this would be my exact plan to hit 10000 followers in 30 days.

We are talking about what I would do day 1 day 2 day 30. grab a pen grab a piece of paper because you will follow this plan exactly to see the quickest and best result.

Exact Plan to Hit 10K Followers from Zero

All right it's day one:

I have zero followers, what we do in week one is about preparing the land. believe it or not during this first week I am not going to be posting every day or pumping out reels left and right.

I am going to prepare my account for new followers to make sure when visitors come, they are going to press that follow button. because why would I invite somebody over for dinner, when I have not even planned the meal yet or when I have not even started cooking? right, you know what I mean so how do you do that day one this might be like a minute one or hour one thing or it could be a whole day depending on where you are at with your journey, but you need to be clear about who you are and who you want to be, and what presence you want to establish on Instagram what do you want to be known for where? do you see yourself in the next three to five years start acting like black star act and lack.

Exact Plan to Hit 10K Followers from Zero

Start acting like person today, when you know what the ultimate goal is that you want with Instagram you are able to create an actual plan to help you get there so if you want to be a fitness coach we are going to create your plan around you being a fitness coach if in three to five years you want to be a, I don't know what do people want to be these days or in three to five years you want to just have an instagram account.

That's about you tasting and trying different coffees around your city doing that now start creating the plan for your three to five years from now.

Day Two:

It is day two what do we do first i wanna be on a creator account so lets just get that out of the way i am going to be on a creator account now when i set up my profile want to use a strong profile photo, username, and nameplate that establishes my positioning.

All three of these things should match and make sense together, if you are in the fashion niche lifestyle photos look great for profile photos if you are on the travel niche travel photos make sense. i am a coach I want mine to be professional but also a little fun and playful so, I am gonna do a nice headshot me smiling looking at the camera with a solid background color because of brand colors now that I have a strong profile photo.

My nameplate says influencer coach, next i am gonna make sure my bio communicates why someone should follow me? believe it or not your bio is not about it does not matter where you are located, it dosent matter what your favorite quote is, or you love coffee, your bio should be about why somebody should follow you. because when you know exactly  who you are trying to reach and how you can help them you are already ahead of the game.

So i want to reach aspiring influencers and I know that the thing they struggle with the most is growing on social media and making money, so thats what I am gonna say my bio I am gonna say helping aspiring influencers establish their presence on instagram and land paid brand collaborations. I am gonna tell them right away whats in it for them I have an entire video that teaches you why instagram SEO is a great tool and how you can make sure that you are implementing it into your instagram strategy.

Now We Are On Day Three:

Content research on day three i am  going to dive into my content research within my niche, while keeping an open mind i am keeping an open mind because i don't want to already assume. that I know what's going to work or that i already know what topics to talk about. i want to start from scratch refresh what is currently happening in my niche, and if you are somebody who wants to grow fast remaining in one niche and being topically consistent is going to be vital because it makes your content more binge-worthy like a Netflix show think about your behavior.

When you are watching tv are you going to watch one episode of the office and then game of the thrones and then love island and then adventure time. probably not a great show, makes you binge multiple episodes, and that's because they are all related they are all part of a bigger picture and a bigger story. so, when I am doing my content research i am looking for questions phrases or topics that, keep comig up and i will do my research on places like pinterest, youtube, tiktok, instagram slash the reels tab you can even use free headline generator websites.

Like content row or title dash generator, and i am also going to be looking at my competitors the reason i am looking for questions or topics that keep comig up is that these places are going to show you what is currently needed or being asked for or trending in your niche making it that much easier to jump in front of your target audience,s eyes and capture their attention.

Already proven to work for example if you type your niche or one of your content pillars which are subtopics within your niche into a search engine see what is recommended for you to search typically on search engine.

There is going to be a list of recommended searches based off a specific keyword that you have typed into the search engine another thing could do is you could go to ticktok search for a topic filter by the most liked videos from this week, and there you will see a bunch of trends or trending topics and then finally also get inspiration by looking at my competitors, or niche neighbors. 

As one of my students likes to call it i am going to be looking at their posts and their reels like if they were my own, i am gonna study the analytics what performed well, what did not perform well what topics are they talking about? and i am looking at the comments in their posts, what sort of questions are their followers asking them.

When i look at my competitors content i am not copying them  okay we are not copying do not copy other people we are simply just looking for themes or common topics that keep coming up to inspire us for our own creation your audience is out there, and they are going to be drawn to you. because of your unique voice, if you are copying other people the right people wont be able to find you. 

Because you are hiding behind someone elses voice and someone elses content ultimately slowing down your growth process, so embrace your creativity embrace your unique voice because thats whats going to help you reach the right people alrigh when you setting up your content calender you need to figure out how often you are posting the type of content.

You are posting and first nine if i was starting from zero and i wanted to grow fast i would set up the first  nine posts, so that when i did start posting reels and people started coming to my page, it looks full on brand and inviting  i am not saying you have to take nine new photos and do something crazy.

It could be super simple like creating a single photo grid thats where you turn one image into like nine images, on your feed something like this.

You could also, do a countdown where you have a graphic and you just  add nine, eight, seven edited. it all the way to one or you can create your own branding slash vision board into again the split image. so that when somebody comes to your feed, its your entire brand vibes these posts are not gonna go viral, or anything, or get great engagement.

We are just trying to see the stage for new visitors, so i will say if it you find yourself getting stuck on this part skip. it just start posting reels.

This is simply what i would do but at the end of the day done is better than perfect and i would rather take messy action than, no action at all so dont overthink. it it just start posting for anyone watching this, who is serious about growing on instagram and turning instagram into your full time job, as an influencer.

I do have a free 60 minute training that teaches you the six steps to become a full time influencer, so if you enjoy this article and you are getting a lot of goodness from this then you will definitely get a ton of free value in my 60 minute training, so i will go ahead and link that down below for anybody, who is interested okay now. how often should you post and what type of content should you be posting if i wanted to grow fast and rapidly i would post a minimum of one reel per day period.

A minimum of one row today everybody says this and the reason why reels work so well is because they have the newest algorithm that was dwsigned to help you reach new people, so if you are still sleeping on reels and you are not growing it is really time to ask yourself maybe i should start looking into reels i wonder, why i am not growing lets get on it guys lets get on it so to sum it up on day four i am gonna pick, what my first nines might look and i am gonna through the long list of content that i already creat pick five to seven topics that excite me, and just start planning them out on the calendar to start posting on day eight.

So  we are not gonna post or anything yet we are just planning out the topics on the calender.

All right  day five you are gonna work on your first nine no matter how you want, your first night to look whichever way you choose to do, that first nine, we are gonna get all nine post done on day five, if you are creating graphics, or you wanna creat like a mood board brand board that i was talking about thats something that i would do in canva, and then i would use image splitter to split all the images up, and then just post them you dont have to be super strategic with the first nine, if you are zero followers it dosent matter i will say you totally could have a strategy for every single of those nine photoes  like photo one headshot introduction how about journey, my time line of how i get here photo three graphic my business.

You know like you could be super strategic and gradually introduce yourself and your business your products to your audience but if you are like i just want to get started you keep it simple keep it simple.

It is fine we are just getting started day six now we are going to batch film as many videos as possible this is totally up to you if you are like i can pump out videos,  and i am gonna pump out 30 videos for the entire month like do it for me i would probably batch seven reels to last me for a week or if i wanted to be posting twice a day maybe i will do 10 reel 14 reels so it lasts me about a week . i don't know what was i saying about batching thats what we were about batching, this if going to be different for everybody some  people can batch a ton especially, if you are in the mood to batch, you can could get through those super fast.

We have already have our topics picked so, you are going to create those videos on those topics you could use trending sounds.

But it is all about batching this day than for day seven.

We are going to edit your videos and then we are usually exhausted and we are ready to go to bed.

So that's all we are gonna do on day six, is record on day seven and edit your videos add text get them ready for posting on Instagram fine-tune the posts so that they are ready to go live on day eight. you are writing captions doing hashtags all the things get it ready in your drafts save them in case,  Instagram glitches out but get them ready to post now since, I have zero followers.

I don't care about a perfect hashtag strategy these rules probably won't go viral, so I am using hashtags to categorize my profile so that Instagram knows how to organize my content this leads us to week two. 

Week two is all about triggering the algorithm so that it knows how-to content to how do we do that well.

Starting on day eight we are going to create a new daily routine that we are going ti stick to for the rest of the 30 days. Days 8 through 14 this is what you will be doing every day to be consistent and trigger the algorithm.

First, we are posting one real per day maybe two if you are able to keep up the quality, but we are posting every day you don't have to worry about this stuff that much because you already planned out all  of the reels yesterday.

Next, i am going to include hashtags to describe my content this is not about going viral or being seen  all so don't overcomplicate this if you want to be known as a fitness coach use the hashtag. fitness coach if you want to posting fashion tips use the hashtag. Hashtag fashion tips people overcomplicate hashtags and they try to get like so caught up in the weeds, but just i don't have an entire video here that explains how to use hashtags, but i am starting from zero I am not gonna waste my energy on trying to have a perfect hashtag strategy.

I would rather use that energy discovering new post ideas or engaging with my audience period and then, third we are going to engage with other people in our niche and their followers, so for example if you are somebody in the beauty space and there is another influencer, that is in the beauty space doing exactly what you want to do they have the business that you want to have and the followers, that you want to have engaged with that influencer and engage with the people who are engaging with her go-to their recent posts see who is commenting on their stuff engage with the people, who are already engaged.

Because if they have this audience and they are in the same space as you both probably have similar audience type so their audience is perhaps your target audience too, as this person s  target audience starts engaging with you back, it is going to help trigger the algorithm by communicating, hey these types of people that are engaging with this account so let's show more people, like these people.