What is WOOOOOW! factor?

The "Wow" factor is a commonly used term in business that most often depicts what a company does to go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering a great product and service experience. Most often, it relates to exceptional customer service in which an employee gives the customer more than he expected or something he did not expect at all.

The “Wow!” factor boils down to one thing; exceeding the expectations of the customer. It goes past great customer service. In short, the basic idea is to bring the element of surprise into your business. The concept of Wow! is, “Surprise! Aren't you glad you bought from me, decided to do business with our company, etc.!”


With this method, you surprise your customers and increase their loyalty to you or your brand. There are many ways you and your organization can do it. A small gesture or feedback you make after you have already bought something from you is perceived as extra interest for the other party and takes you one step further. In this way, your customers who have a "wow" experience are much more likely to return to you as loyal customers in the future. If their loyalty to you is stronger, they may even become your brand or your most important promoter. Thanks to them, you can acquire new customers and grow your brand faster.  You know your customers, so you will know what will WOW them. Here is some inspiration that might help you to develop your own WOW factor.


If you are selling a product or service, you can make your customers happy with small gifts besides the product or service you offer. The gift does not have to have anything to do with what you offer, even the smallest thing, the feeling of receiving a gift for a customer will create happiness and will make you stand out from your competitors. This is an indication that you care about your customers and do not see them only as a source of income. Likewise, if you are selling a product, the way you package and ship it tells a lot. The customer who buys carefully packaged products is always more satisfied.

What is WoW Factor

Building a trust between you and your customers is also an important step. When there is a problem with your product or service, how you respond to this problem creates a sense of trust between you and them. If you solve their problem quickly by relying on their word or don't expect proof in return, your customers will be surprised, but at the same time, their loyalty to you will increase. Giving customers the "wow" effect will then make them respect and admire you and your brand.


Satisfied customers are nice, but delighted customers are the fuel to your business growth. Incorporate your own unique “WOW” factor, going above and beyond, to earn yourself some raving fans. The most important thing to remember is that consistency is key, delivering an experience that consistently satisfies and delights customers will help you rise above your competitors.