Why are We Expensive?

Everyone buys a product or service by considering its price. But price is not the only factor in our choices. The quality of the product or service we receive is much more important. This is exactly why our prices may seem high to you compared to other platforms. After reading this blog, you will find the answers to your questions.

The followers you gain with our follower service consist of real accounts. We do not use bot accounts with low interaction that can make your page look like a fake account!

We are not only limited to follower packages, with our various packages we have created, you gain followers and likes at the same time.

In addition, with our refill service, which is the most important feature, we eliminate the risk of decreasing your followers over time! With the follower package you receive, we promise to refill your followers regularly for 1 year, so you can maintain your popularity without any decrease in your follower count.

affordable social media packages

We have a great team working for you 24/7 in support service! If you have a question or have a problem with the service you have purchased, they will be on the line to help you.

Your privacy and security are very important to us. In the system we use, we do not ask you for your password while providing the service you want. By not sharing your password, you keep your account safe and keep your page growing.

The quality service that will be obtained by spending more money is more valuable than the temporary service that will be received at a cheaper price. We believe that quality comes first and we guarantee the best quality in all the services we offer you! 

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